Monday, July 26, 2010

Visitors and Unexpected Surprises

We had yet another busy weekend...picking the produce, weeding the garden, installing a water softener, watching our littlest one stand for the first time, crying with our littlest one on his first bee sting, and having some wonderful visitors out to the farm!

It was quite an eventful day for their daughters as they got to see our many chicken, our two little dexters, have their first real tractor ride and playing with my two oldest boys.  I am sure they slept all the way home to Ottawa!!!

After they left, my husband decided to finally knock down the front porch (a big concrete slab) and we think he disturbed a honey bee nest that had made a nest around there, as we had quite a few of them get into the house.  Riley found one and tried to investigate it and found out the hard way not to touch them.  Fortunately, he is not allergic, so no trip to the hospital...just a baking soda and lots of hugs, kisses and songs from mom to get him all mended. Then we had to call the vet for the dog....luckily all is good :)

I definitely slept well last night but glad for the day to be over :)

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