Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taste of the Valley

It doesn't take long for our short summers to blow right past us!  It's already the end of September and soon we will be packing up the garden and utilities for yet another year.  We had a busy summer with ups and downs.  One of the ups being that I didn't have to pick in the rain like last year but the lack of rain over the summer really played havoc with the growing.  We invested in irrigation this year and at the beginning was really  wondering if we would use it! Well good thing we did!!  Next year is row covers!!  But I am digressing.
Cherry and Roma Tomatoes 

My highlights of the year were doing the Taste of the Valley in Renfrew and the morning show with CTV.  I didn't think we were going to get individual air time but they did a whole segment on our market and we were interviewed!!  I think I did ok considering I don't so well in public speaking!  You can catch me on the YouTube video at .  This has made for a very busy September but good for getting my product out there. 
Andria (left) and I at the Taste of the Valley in Renfrew

At the Taste of the Valley we had approx 70 vendor displaying and selling crafts, baking, chocolate, meats, produce and more.  There are about 5 of these in various towns in the valley starting mid summer and ending in the fall.  There were a lot of people but I think the threat of rain kept a lot of people away.  A friend of mine came down for the weekend and we had a great time selling produce and catching up!  I think next year I will try and do a couple more of them!
Hill Billy Tomatoes....brain food!

This week I am going to the Eganville 100 Mile Market and then will be back at the Renfrew Market on Saturday!  Having had a heavy first frost a couple weeks ago I am hoping that I will have enough produce for this weekend and hopefully the next couple of weeks!!  
Carrots and Beets and a gourd for decoration!!


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  2. Thanks!! I am going to check them out!! I will be updating in a bit as to what's been happening.