Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting the Old Chicken Layer Box Ready

It is amazing how much a good cleaning with the pressure washer can make something really old look new again.  This is the old chicken layer that has been in the shed collecting dust.  This hasn't been used in about 50 years as I am 35 this year and I know it wasn't used in my life time.  As we have more layers this year we decided to finally get this ready for them.  There will be some modifications to it as I can't get this into where my layer are going to go but it is something we don't have to build from scratch.  Now only if we can keep it looking this good!! But alas it will only happen when it gets cleaned out every year. 

On another note,  I had a good friend, her mom and my goddaughter Pam come and stay for the weekend.  It started out not too bad but the rain didn't stay away this weekend!!  Always seems to happen when we get visiters!!  We still had a great time and my friend Andria helped out at the market!!  It definitely made the rainy day go fast and we had some good chats with customers and with ourselves!!   I don't have a tent cover for my stand this year so we had a slogan to attract customer!!  "Invest in the Tent" weekend.

We were suppose to get our first set of chicken proccessed this past week, however due to someone's (me) rushing day, I forgot to tack down the roof of the chicken tractor and all the chicken escaped on my husband!!  This has been postponed and I will let you know the next processing date!  We definitely learned that I should have sent my husband with the kids to swim lessons!!!

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