Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crazy Weekend

Well we have recovered from our crazy weekend!!  On Friday evening we went to check on our little piggies (who have hence been named Hammy and Bacon) and discovered they had escaped.  We asked the kids when the last time they saw them and my oldest said right after school.  Well, we figured, they didn't get far as it had only been about 45 min.  We searched high and low but came up with nothing!  Figured they bedded down for the night.  It was getting dark and I still had veggies to wash!  I definitely was an ice cube by the end of that.  I went to market in the morning and my husband continued the search till the kids got up. No luck.  Well later that morning, they showed up alright, decided to play "This little piggy has a death wish" on the road.  So glad that no accidents happened!!!  By the time I got home from Market they had disappeared again as it was a warm afternoon and we figured they were in a shady bush somewhere.  Later we got a call from our neighbour saying there is a little pig walking through the alfalfa field!  So here starts the chase!  Did I ever get a lesson on how fast pigs can be.  After about 3 hours we got him cornered and caught!  That just left one out and about!  It was getting dark and we just decided to head to the local fair!  The next morning we were out getting the chores done, as we had to go look for piggy #2, when he came trotting home!!  We got the grain and baited him (as he was hungry) and we were able to catch him too!!  They are both nicely penned up now with no chance of getting out of the barn!! Till we get them more use to us and better fencing!  Well we headed to the local apple orchard and back to the fair!  What a weekend!  Lesson learned- Don't put pigs into pen when they even have a crack to escape from!! Later all!!

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