Friday, September 10, 2010

Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy :)

Well we have been busy this last little while with the gardens and the chickens, getting the kids ready for school and our new recent addition...2 little pigs! It is a totally new adventure for us as we have never had pigs before.  I grew up with cattle and chickens and rode horses but never pigs.  My grandfather had them and I have a vague recollection of them but I was really young then.  In the picture above are of the 2 pigs bedding down in the fresh hay bed and hopefully they start rooting through the cows old bedding to make it easier on me to clean it out!  Silly me in the winter I couldn't wait for Carl to get home to chop some fresh straw and I just threw the bedding in unchopped!  As we cannot get our tractor in this part of the barn to clean it, I have to do it by hand!!  Ouchy on the back!  In the second picture is of the carrier we brought them home in, which fit into the middle of the Farm King (Dodge minivan).  I had trouble posting this pic but you get the idea!  We got the pigs from a nice couple Tom and Helen White out of Tickle Island Farm in Eganville!  They free range everything which is really cool!!  We got to see what pigs can do to the ground and are natural composters  so I have some plans for them in the next month or so for when I pack up the gardens!!  :) Renfrew is having a Rural Ramble and if you are interested in seeing lots of animals in their natural environment you should check Tom and Helen out!! You can always come out and see us but we are just starting and they have been doing this for 7 years!  Our next batch of chickens are soon approaching and I will post in the next couple days about them!! You can see them in picture 3 naturally grazing in the grass.  This is what will give them that different taste from store bought chicken.  Think of all that natural food and how good it will be for you!!  Ta Ta For Now !!

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