Friday, February 11, 2011

Frosty Morning Fun

Wow!!  Yesterday sure was a frosty morning!!!  It is one of the things that gets me excited about winter.  While heading out to put the kids on the bus, I snapped a couple of pictures around the farm.  It sure was a cold nippy morning too!!  Sometimes it's what keeps you in the fight to make living on the farm all worth it.  As my husband has to work in the city, he doesn't always get to see the beauty that I get to see at those special parts of the day.  In other news, we had a good dumping of snow last week and we tried something new.  My husband took the tractor and snow blowed a path so the kids could get their x-country skis out and not have to wade through the snow.  I think it was the first time too that the little one in the sled wasn't carrying a load of snow :)  It sure adds a lot of weight and you know who is pulling the sure gets tired after that!!  Well I am sure it won't be here too much longer so we will enjoy it while it last as we start heading into March in a couple of weeks and the sap starts to run!!

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