Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Newest Addition!!

Happy Belated New Year Everyone!  It has been a while but we have been busy getting everything else done.  The picture to my right is of our new charolais heifer.  We don't have a name for her yet but Ethan seems to like to call her Olivia??? She is suppose to have a name beginning with 'X' but Ethan doesn't know any 'X' names and to be truthful, neither do I.  The baby book that my husband wishes that I throw out doesn't have much either.  I wish it was a lot warmer out as you can see she is quite dirty and I would like to hose her off but that will have to wait till it warms up.  In the meantime, we are still getting to know her and she us.  She has a fairly quite temperment but will let you know right away if you are doing something she doesn't like.  Unlike my Dexters, she eats and drinks twice as much but she is also a larger breed and has a whole other purpose than the Dexters.  Willow and Whisper are still letting her know that she is last in line for everything, especially when it comes to grain time!!

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