Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cooking the Syrup

This past weekend was another work weekend mixed with boiling the sap down and not a finer weekend to do it till the rain hit!!.  Years back we stopped using the wood furnace due to safety issues but had held on to it for I don't know what reason.  Well last year it was decided that it was never going to be used to heat anything anymore but Carl had the idea that it might make a good boiler for the sap!  Well he was right...the only issue we had was that the chimney wasn't high enough but it worked good enough.  We tended the sap while finishing breaking up the old summer kitchen that had to be torn down last fall!  We were also doing some general clean up and finishing the last of the siding that we didn't get done last fall.
Carl is tending the new syrup cooker on a beautiful Saturday

Our old wood furnace is getting a second life as syrup boiler

Sap starting to boil
Carl's solution to the afternoon rain that came on Sunday.  Hopefully next year there will be a shack for the boiler :)

The aftermath of the storm that hit Sunday night !


  1. Awesome! Reduce - reuse! It's not like the word stove was defunct, just unworthy for the house.

  2. I had my doubts on this one but it sure worked well. Hopefully next year there is a shed over it so we can boil when it rains.