Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Clean Up and Chickens

As we all know it is that time of year when we get our yards already by cleaning them up, raking, etc, etc.  Well today being colder but nice, I decided that I had to get some done before this next stretch of rain hits...they are calling for a weeks worth...yuck!  I am letting the chickens out in the afternoon after most of them have done with laying....saves me a lot of time trying to find them when they are free to lay where they want....the best of both worlds I think.  I get my eggs in one spot and they get to freely go about their business after.  So this afternoon after doing the egg collection I let them out and I grabbed my rake and proceeded to the work area...only to have a bunch of chickens follow me like they were going to get grain?? But it wasn't feed time??  So I had to ask " Do they remember me digging around in the dirt to get the potatoes and carrots?"   I always had a chicken or three right beside me when I was digging those root crops up, they were not after the crops but all the bugs and worms in the ground.  So I got to where I was going to rake and as I moved the rake past a spot...the hens would jump right in there looking for bugs!! I'm surprised some of them didn't get a good wallop as my job had to get done.  Well then I moved on to another section where some scrap wood had collected and I swear as soon as I had my hand on the wood, there were chicken heads waiting... I had to laugh and I am probably well known in the chicken world (mine anyway) as...the bug lady...just follow her and you will get bugs!  Amazing what they remember seeing as they have been in the barn the whole winter!  I'm sure we will have some very tasty eggs in the next couple days!

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