Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flower Miracles

The most blooms I've had in years!
Very hardy ground cover. I was told what it was a couple
 years ago by the nursery owner but it has slipped my
mind as to what it is called.
Going in a different direction today.  I do lots of vegetable gardening and when I have time, I try to keep some flowers about.  My grandmother died when I was 5 so I don't have too much to remember her by.  I have a couple memories of her, like her making donuts and making the centers for my brother and I, shelling peas in front of the house and washing my mouth out with Ivory soap when I said 'damn'...that was a bad word in her books.  So when we moved back here and started cleaning up the it had become overgrown something terrible...I actually found some snipits of her gardening.  This in itself is quite a miracle as there was no gardening being done here since 1980.  Between this and my grandfather mowing everything or the cows running amok when they got out, I was quite surprised to find these.  This also gives me something to remember how hard she tried to make the property nicer even if my grandfather kept mowing it down for more space! I found a Begonia plant in amongst the Lilacs still trying to grow, I found 2 Iris tubers laying on the ground by the old fence, and some ground cover growing under the trees.  So I transplanted these flowers/ground cover to see what would happened.  I got some purple Irises and they have been mulitpling ever since.  The Begonia has been desperately trying to grow but every year a kid, dog, chicken, ants or something or other knocks it down or eats it.  However, this year by some miracle I have quite a few flowers was quite surprising! The ground cover is growing so well I am pulling it and weed wacking it!!  Just a little more heritage to add to the farm !
The bush on the left is Lilac and the other on the right is a purple
leaved bush which turns green as the summer progresses.

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  1. Love the peonies. The vines that are running amok seem to be a variegated periwinkle. Very hard to kill :)