Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden is Finally Done!!

Making the hills with a homemade hiller
Well almost.  I still have my succession plantings to do but that will come.  We were finally able to get out on the garden to plant and I have been doing so since the beginning of June.  I will hopefully be at the Renfrew Farmer's Market June 25 with lettuce, swiss chard, radishes, maybe strawberries if there is extra for market, rhubarb and hopefully some other stuff!!  Now I am just working on market set up.  I had some issues with my bunching onions so that will be a little later. The chickens are growing well and will be processed at the end of June beginning of July.

Row covered in plastic mulch

Making the holes using a propane torch


  1. Hi Jacinda,

    I'm really excited to see that your homemade hiller works so well as that's exactly what I was planning to build for this year! We found an old seeder abandoned on the property, which should be a good source of discs :) I also plan to borrow your propane holer idea. I'm wondering if my flame weeder might be adapted to do the job...

    Hope to see you at the Deep River Farmers' Market this summer!

  2. Yes it does work really well! This was our prototype and alas it gave up on the second last row...luckily my DH was able to limp it along till the end. We are building a new one hopefully soon as the time to plant will be soon I think!! I suggest to use new bearings as the old ones we used from an old plow we had eventually broke under the stress.

    We tried our flame weeder first too, but we have the larger one so it made hole way bigger than I wanted, so we tried the small tank we had on hand and as long as it wasn't too windy it was fine till the tank got low on propane and then we were constantly lighting it. If you have the smaller flame weeder, let me know how it goes!!

    I will hopefully see you at the market too, I am going to try 3 markets this year so hopefully all goes as planned :)