Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did I Jinx It??

A panoramic of the new garden area....not all will be garden the front half will be a crop.

What a beautiful weekend and I got out in the garden!! Yea!!  I even started some more lettuce and bunching onions, weeded the garlic and found a patch of garlic I thought I'd lost last summer. Hope I didn't jinx the weather!
Garlics planted in their new home.

As I was planting the lettuce and kneeling on this little patch, I noticed something different amongst the dandilions that had taken over this patch...sure enough there was garlic sprouting.  I tried weeding this patch but found this difficult to do so, as some of the dandylion plants had intertwined with the garlic.  So I up rooted the garlic and moved them to a better spot free of weeds, gave them a good watering and crossed my fingers!
Chickens looking for spring bugs in the newly disced field.

The Massey taking a break.
My DH started discing up the new area for the garden and on the new hiller as I think I will be planting very early this year.  We are still debating on a new tiller for the tractor as it makes our clay soil so beautiful to plant in!

The calves are doing well and are frolicing in the yard and butting heads.  However, their mom's are bawling crazy as they want to get out on the pasture...however, no pasture for them yet.  I let Melodie (my horse) out on the lawn today to mow some of the grass for me....boy was she happy with me!!  I had to put her back in her pen as I had to go to work and as I drove out the drive I could see her thinking on how she could get back there!!  She doesn't like the electric fence so I have no worries...the next nice day I will have to put her back there...until the pasture is ready.

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