Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Radio Show and Flowers

One of The Flower Factory's arrangements.
This past weekend I was invited onto The Flower Factory's radio show, Flowers and Dirt, on Valley Heritage Radio.  Christina thought it would be a good idea, as she had been getting some gardening (ie veggie) questions, to have me on the show.  Christina is a friend of mine from high school and last year she opened a flower shop in town, which features a lot of unique flowers and arrangements.  She has some beautiful things in her shop!  Now getting back to the show...this was quite the experience as I had never done a whole show before and I am not the most outspoken person out there, this made me quite nervous.  I got some good feed back from some listeners, thank you by the way, so I don't think I did that bad. Phew!  I haven't figure out how to post Mp3's on here but here's a link to her web where you can listen to the show .  Thanks again to Christina at the Flower Factory and Brian from Valley Heritage Radio !

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