Wednesday, May 30, 2012


To be honest, I haven't had the urge to write anything so I am going to do a picture post for an update instead.

The tiller.

The revamped hiller.  Next step will be adding the mulch and irrigation  setup for an all in one unit.

Testing out the new font end loader bale spear that DH made.  Now he need to work on getting the  hydrolics  for them

Potato planting!

Introducing White Lightening.  Cross between a Charolais cow and Dexter bull.

Love his ears!

Health Kick Lettuce.  A very tasty blend and a market favourite!

This is one of the Dexter calves.  They are now 4 months old.  

The other Dexter calf.  T

Spinach.  Looking good so far!!  

Lettuce and to the left is the garlic.


  1. Colin has serious 'tiller envy' right now!

  2. We rented it!! REALLY good price at Valley Rent Rite in Renfrew. They he won't be so envious!! We were going to purchase one till we found we could rent it!!