Friday, March 11, 2011

Warm Days and Cool Nights

Here they come! The nights are cool and the days are warm...time for the sap to run. I haven't done maple syrup in two years as we had such a surplus. Well I finally ran out just before Christmas...I guess we had too many Pancake Tuesdays! Well it will be fun as I now have 2 kids old enough to help a little more. I love getting them to help and Ethan, who is 4, is super excited as he thinks its his first time. Little does he know that I would put him in the backpack and trudge through the snow in the bush to collect the sap. That's quite a work out that's for sure.

I am also getting a pen ready for the new bull we are getting. I will post some pictures when we actually get him home.

We had a really nice day and I let the roosters out and took the little one out to meet the Dexters and roosters.  He looked at them and they looked at him, neither of them impressed with each other. The cows were more concerned with the roosters as they were eating the leftover grain that they like to spill on the ground.

On the seedling front, my onions, lettuces, and tomatoes have sprouted...just waiting on the spinach and the peppers!!  I found out our market starts at the beginning of May so I will have to get working on that green house soon so I can plant out the lettuces, spinach, radishes, chard and beets so I can hopefully have something by then!!

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