Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whisper and Willow...My Sweet Little Dexters

I was just looking back on here and realized that I don't have any pictures up of my 2 dexters!!  We got our 2 girls from Dan and Ellen Riopelle in the Ottawa Valley about one and a half years ago.  I wasn't really into the cattle as I grew up with Shorthorns but I needed nourishment for my gardens and these came up so my cattle herd began.  As we have 3 young boys and a city slicker husband, we were looking for a breed that wasn't high strung and large like some I have been around.  We did some research and realized that some of these mini breeds might be good for us.  I knew after seeing the Dexter breed at a local farm that if I was going to have cattle again, then this is exactly what we were looking for. In a couple of weeks we will have a new addition, a bull, to help get us on the way to expand the herd and I am looking forward to trying to milk the one dexter I have been conditioning to do so.  I am also looking forward to having our own meat, but that will be a couple of years for that!  For now we will enjoy them as they are!  The top picture is of Whisper and the bottom picture is Willow. 

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